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With a team of talented marketing managers, analysts, designers and experts, our studio prides itself on delivering profitable and innovative solutions to businesses of all sizes

Mobile app publishing

We offer end-to-end mobile app publishing services. We analyze user flow, optimize it, and run A/B tests to ensure the best results

In-app monetization

We use a variety of monetization strategies to generate revenue, including advertising, purchases, and subscriptions

Mobile marketing and acquisition

We create effective marketing campaigns that maximize user acquisition and retention using a data-driven approach


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We bring a positive attitude to our work that makes it enjoyable for everyone involved


We believe in the power of teamwork to deliver the best results for our clients

Love for innovation

We are at the forefront of the industry, creating unique and advanced mobile solutions


We are adaptable and able to work on projects of varying complexity, adjusting our approach as needed to meet the needs of each project

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Our team of talented and experienced experts specializes in creating custom mobile solutions tailored to your needs, delivering results that exceed your expectations

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AppLabz: New office, new opportunities

AppLabz: Happy New Year!

AppLabz has since July 2022 been represented by AppLabz Ltd

AppLabz: Happy New Year!
AppLabz has since July 2022 been represented by AppLabz Ltd
AppLabz: New office, new opportunities
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